Pilgrimage 2017

From Catacombs to Christendom:
A Spiritual Journey in Central Italy
April 27 – May 13, 2017

Peregrinatio celebrated its 20 Anniversary of Spiritual Heritage Pilgrimages with a 16-day journey through central Italy.

  • Meet in Rome at the Hotel Daniela (in the Lateran district) where we will be lodging for five nights.
    • Experience the world of the Caesars, visiting the Pantheon and the Roman Forum.
    • Witness the Roman triumph over the destruction of Jerusalem at the Arch of Titus.
    • Walk in the footsteps of the first Christians through the Colosseum. Tour their burial grounds outside the city walls in the Catacombs of San Callisto.
    • Worship in one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, the beautiful church of Saint Clement.
    • Visit the church of Santa Croce, where the Emperor Constantine built a church for pilgrims to pray before fragments of Jesus’ cross brought by the Empress Helena from Palestine.
    • Ascend Monte Cassino (in the mountains south of Rome) where in the early 6th C. Benedict founded his monastery. Contemplate the Rule of Benedict in the ancient cloisters.
  • Journey north to the imperial city of Ravenna on the Adriatic coast. Marvel at the vibrant Byzantine 6th C. mosaics decorating the churches of San Appollinare in Classe, San Vitale and the Arian Baptistry.
  • Cross the Appennine mountains to the small sacred city of Assisi, on the slopes of Mt. Subasio. Stay in a former Franciscan convent, and wander the streets that continue to evoke the ministry of Sts. Francis and Clare.
    • Wonder at the Life of the Francis portrayed in the moving frescoes of Giotto. Sing together Francis’ hymn, “All creatures of our God and King” composed shortly before his death.
  • Cross the Tiber plain into Tuscany, to the hill city of Siena.
    • Here we will follow the life and ministry of St. Catherine, with her remarkable project of reforming the 14th C. church.
    • Visit the world-famous Campo (city central plaza) and the striking cathedral of black and white stone.
  • Return to Rome.
    • Lodging this time at the Casa Valdese, in the Vatican district close to the river Tiber, experience the awesome Basilica of St. Peter, and meditate upon the spiritual heritage of Michelangelo.
    • Discover the Waldensian community, a mediaeval movement of church Reform that survived many persecutions for heresy. Talk with members of the church about their ministry in today’s Italy.


Download the Pilgrimage 2017 brochure (4 Mb PDF).