Happy St. Francis’ Day

October 4 is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

We will be visiting Assisi next May 5 (seven months from tomorrow) to explore the spirituality of St. Francis.

I liked Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation today on this topic, how he connects St Francis of Assisi with our world today.

Happy St James Day

Happy St. James day!

St. James of Compostela is the patron saint of Pilgrims.

On the Rhine River pilgrimage last year, we saw this statue of St. James on the banks of the Rhine River, at the bridge where pilgrims from southern Germany crossed on their way to Spain. St. James has the scallop shell on his hat, and he is holding Strasbourg Cathedral.

Thin Places: Pagan Shrines in the Crypt

This is a fine article from a fellow D.Min. student, Michael Jinkins. Have a look at his blog.


Pagan Shrines in the Crypt

Carl Jung once said that beneath the foundation of every Christian cathedral there lies a sacred pagan site. His comment was more metaphorical than historical, but nonetheless true. I was thinking about Jung’s words when my old friend, the Rev. Dr. Alan Gregory, head of an Anglican theological college, took us down into the crypt below Canterbury Cathedral back in June. ” Go to the link above to read the whole post.


Interview with Lynne about upcoming Celtic Practices!

Lynn Valley is home to nearly a dozen churches and congregations of various types. But in this age that is often described as “spiritual but not religious,” church leaders are increasingly being found outside their buildings, helping people of all backgrounds find the sacred in everyday life.

Lynne McNaughtonLynne McNaughton is the priest at St. Clement’s Anglican Church on Institute Road, and an avid learner and teacher of Celtic spirituality. Lynne, who has a doctorate in spirituality and has led  pilgrimages to several ancient Celtic sites in Europe, is looking forward to introducing interested locals to the tradition of Celtic practices that serve to inject an appreciation of  nature and holiness into the everyday tasks of living. Continue reading “Interview with Lynne about upcoming Celtic Practices!”

Teaching Mystics

This Spring term 2015, Lynne is teaching “Women Christian Mystics” at Vancouver School of Theology.  The course includes some key themes for the pilgrimage this summer on the Rhine River:  Hildegard of Bingen and several Beguines: Mechtild of Magdeburg, Hadewijch of Brabant,  Marguerite Porete, and their relationship to Meister Eckhart.