Catching Up

Welcome to our friends, after a lengthy period of silence and pilgrimage inactivity.

We have of course not been inactive in others areas of ministry.

Lynne is busy caring for her diocese of Kootenay, where as everywhere the churches have been closed since mi-March because of the COVID pandemic. Her work carries on with many meetings on-line using ZOOM.  She has also been leading a daily Night Prayer (in forms familiar to our pilgrims), it can be joined daily at 8:30pm PDT, on the Facebook site of “Anglican Diocese of Kootenay“.  She frequently joins one of her parishes for a Sunday worship on-line.

This Sunday June 7th Lynne will preside at an Ordination service in Vernon at 2 pm PDT. You can watch the livestream on YouTube. One of the people being ordained is Jeff Seaton, who participated in three of the Pilgrimages.

We have also posted here an invitation to connect with the National Anglican Gospel Jamboree on Saturday, June 6th.  Lynne and Gerald will be taking part, electronically of course with a song from Kelowna. 

Gerald spent five months this winter in south India teaching at the Kerala United Theological Seminary in Trivandum, the capital city of Kerala.  He taught Reformation Church history, the History of Christian Worship and other classes in church music. It was a very enjoyable experience in the Church of South India, a dynamic united church with over 4 million members in 35 dioceses. He frequently preached on Sunday mornings in English, to congregations of 400+.

One of the delights was having Lynne visit as a guest bishop for the national Synod in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. While in Trivandum  with Gerald at the Seminary, they taught a two-day course on the Psalms.  Lynne also preached in the cathedral in Kozhikode ( diocese ) at the confirmation of 40 young people. Lynne and Gerald also found 24 hours to enjoy the sunny beaches on the Indian Ocean, just before her return to Canada.

COVID-19 arrived in Kerala just as Gerald was scheduled to leave on March 29th. He did get back to Kelowna after a 48 hours harrowing journey through six different airports.