Pilgrimage 2017

Italy in the Spring of 2017.

Gerald and Lynne are planning the next pilgrimage trip to Italy in the Spring of 2017. Think “late April, early May”, and watch for more details as they evolve.

You might enjoy reviewing pictures of a past pilgrimage to Italy to get inspired.

Visit our Photo Gallery for memories from earlier Pilgrimages.

Lynne & Gerald in Assisi

Gerald & Lynne in Assisi

Led by Gerald Hobbs and Lynne McNaughton.

Contact pilgrimage@telus.net for more information.

A Pilgrimage

Pilgrims are poets who create by taking journeys.
Richard Niebuhr

Travel is a metaphor for our being. Since time immemorial, people have journeyed to places that have special associations with the Sacred in order to explore, deepen, re-kindle their own faith. Often such pilgrims travelled in company. Together they sang, prayed and celebrated the events of the journey, as well as the joys of arrival at way stations, and the sense of accomplishment at journey’s end. Pilgrims were not people of special holiness; they were ordinary folk for the most part, looking to enrich their own journey through life and finding a new experience of the Holy in the course of their pilgrimage.

Who We Are

logoPeregrinatio Studies Inc. invites you to journey on pilgrimage in the Christian and other spiritual traditions, under the direction of experienced leaders, Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton and Rev. Dr. Gerald Hobbs.

Our Spiritual Heritage

Many of the roots of the faith and church traditions of North Americans lie in Europe. Each of us is heir to a spiritual heritage of great richness and variety, a heritage that can come alive for us and be a resource for our personal lives and the life of our faith communities.